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I truly believe that life is what you make of it. I want to help you gain the courage to do that. Come here to read, learn, be motivated, laugh at my expense, and take a real hard look at yourself and the world. What will you find while wandering around here?

  • Self-Improvement lessons I’ve learned and how-to’s on personal development
  • Lifestyle  on keeping your body, mind, and spirit happy and healthy
  • Life Commentary my thoughts, perspective and commentary on everyday things to big concepts in life
  • Grief the truth, the pain, and the realities that come with losing someone you love
  • Asian-American experience from growing up and being a “grown-up” Asian-American girl

* This blog, like every good thing in my life, is dedicated to Daniel Park. A beloved Son, Brother, and friend who left this world too soon.*


If you are easily offended by the opinions of sassy, unapologetic, blunt, but beautiful Korean girls – this site is not for you. Remember friends, these are opinions were shaped by my own unique experiences. Key word: unique. Please do not be offended, because I mean absolutely no offense. 

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The Author – Angela


Even though she always felt a little different, Angela always played it safe and followed the rules.  Until one day she decided to give middle finger to who she should be. She quit her 9 to 5 corporate job to build the life that she wants.

“Well behaved women seldom make history” – Unknown

As a self-proclaimed “life enthusiast,” she wants to spread good vibes and laughter to everyone she can reach. She is constantly going through phases where she researches every nook, cranny, and avenue to become an expert. She wants to share her life lessons and discoveries with the world. 

With this blog she wants to spread messages that she truly cares about and make the Asian-American presence in the world a little bit bigger and much, much stronger. 

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