10 Annoying Things Asian Girls Experience

In any group that you can be categorized into, whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation, people have experienced stereotypes, prejudices, and all around annoying things. 

Asian girls are no exception to this rule, so I have decided to speak up about them. 

I have personally experienced all of these so I can attest to their credibility. I am sure Asian guys have experienced a few of these too. Trust, trust, trust me when I say that not only does every Asian girl experience this, they experience it multiple times. 


If you are not white, correction, if you do not look like you are a white American, you will get asked where you are from. And people don’t mean the city/state in America you grew up in, they mean the country that produced your face.

2) Comments about your weight/height/overall appearance from your family.

Appearance is a core topic of scrutiny in a typical Asian family. Your personal appearance is not just your concern, it is the concern of everyone. If you are an Asian girl, you have had the pleasure of experiencing comments from your family about how you look.

Whether that be how pretty you are (or are not), how you are too short, how you should wear your makeup and take care of your skin. My personal favorite is how much weight you have seemed to gain. It is a cultural thing that I hope dies and goes to hell. Except for the compliments, keep those coming.

3) Questions about when you are going to get married.

Pretty much explains itself, as I am sure this question gets asked to everyone at a certain age. As an Asian girl, your family is concerned about when you are going to get married. It is a security thing. They want to make sure your future is secure and they think marriage is a good way to ensure that.

They also have the preference (and pressure) of you marrying someone of the same race. My grandma always asks if I’m going to marry a Korean guy or an American guy. What about the other races in between, Grandma?

4) Being told they look like another Asian person they know or an Asian celebrity.

Have you ever pretended that you and your friends were the Charlie’s Angels? Well I have and guess which Angel I was? You guessed it! Lucy Lu. I have nothing against her (she’s fabulous) but I look nothing like her. Yet, people have told me that I do. Or they say that I look like other Asian girls they know or that Asian people in general are hard to tell apart. Insert eye roll here. 

5) Hearing some form of “You are so Asian”.

I have heard this many times and in many different forms. From you look so Asian to that is so Asian, in reference to something that I am doing. When I put my hair up in a bun, I apparently look so Asian. If I play a song that’s not mainstream, it is so Asian. When I make a minor driving mistake, I am so Asian. Maybe I am so Asian because, you know, I’m Asian?

6) Judged for being a ‘bad driver’/heard a bad driver joke.  

This is one of the most common stereotypes about Asian women. Whether or not it is true, it is irritating to hear all of the time. It is irritating for it to be assumed of you and even joked about. It was funny the first time but after hearing it your entire life, it is not funny anymore. 

7) Getting asked to teach someone random things in their native tongue.

For some reason this always ends up being curse words. How do you say [insert curse word here] in Korean? Or someone says a word or phrase that is supposed to be Korean, inevitably butchers it and asks if they said it right. No dude, you did not.

8) Have people assume you like certain food because you’re Asian.

This one is weird to me because everyone has there own specific likes and dislikes of food. That being said, why does it not logically make sense that Asians may not like all types of Asian food? The number of times I get weird looks when I tell people I don’t like sushi is ridiculous. People can like whatever the hell they like to eat.

9) Asian pick-up lines.

This is by far my least favorite. I hate Asian pick-up lines. I am tired of hearing Asian pick-up lines. Pick up lines in general (racial or not) are probably the dumbest thing you can say to a girl you are interested in. Please do not tell me you have yellow fever. Please do not try and say hello to me in an Asian language.

Please. Just. No.

10) Been irritated because one or more of the above things has happened multiple times.

If you couldn’t tell, I got annoyed just by writing these things. The memories of the numerous times I have experienced them were popping into my head as I was typing. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. But, I know this will happen forever so here is my small contribution in letting the world know they should stop. Everyone knows what it’s like to be annoyed, why would you inflict that on anyone else? 

To those who have experienced these, keep on keepin’ on. I’m with you.  

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