7 Major Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

As the mother of 3 failed blogs over the last four years, I have made my fair share of mistakes. Luckily, I bounced back and learned from every mistake I have made. I wrote this blog post in hopes of helping new bloggers not follow in my bad footsteps!

It’s easy to make mistakes in the blogging world. With so many new blogs being created everyday, I want you to be able to build your blog and have it be very strong from the beginning.

Making mistakes and learning from them is perfectly okay, but making as few mistakes as possible is better than making a lot! Here are the biggest blogging mistakes I wish I avoided.

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1) Not Building an Infrastructure

Before you fully launch your blog, you need to build a solid infrastructure and have a plan. There are a lot of newbie bloggers (including my past self) that think they are ready to start a blog without any content in hand or a plan of action.

When I started my first blog I thought that I could just wing it and it would become wildly successful because I had something to say. Boy was that a silly thought. Who wants to read a random blog by a teenage girl? I found out the hard way that, no one wants to read a directionless blog by a teenage girl who wrote about random things.

You need to build a solid infrastructure (read how to build one here) and make a plan around your blogging goals. After you have made this plan, you have to stay disciplined and stick with it.

2) Being Unrealistic about blogging

This is the mistake that got to me the most. I had wildly unrealistic expectation about my blog. I thought that if I just wrote content,the readers would just come, and I would be famous within a few weeks. And I am not talking about a couple dozen readers, I am talking thousands or even millions of readers.

I thought if I just sat back and wrote a 300 words posts, it would magically be viral and sensational. Obviously this was completely unrealistic, but cut me some slack I was young and new at this! When the thousands of adoring readers never came, I became disappointed and gave up.

If you have been researching blogging, you have probably seen or read all of the articles where people are making thousands of dollars within months of blogging. It is possible! but it takes a lot of time to get to that point. Most of these people have been blogging for a really long time, were already influencers in their niche, or devote themselves full time to their  blog.

If you do not have that same amount of time or commitment to your blog, it will take some time. But it can happen if you trust your process!

3) Asking for too many opinions

When I first started blogging I asked everyone under the sun to read my content. I wanted their input into how to make my writing better. But when you ask too many people for constructive/creative criticism, you come back more confused than when you started.

Everyone has an opinion on the way things should be written. Some people will provide you with great feedback while other people will just be rude about what you have to say. Or they will lie to you to save your feelings.

Instead of asking your friends, or too many people to critique your work, ask a few people that you want to be your audience. Who do you want to read the blog? Once you know who your audience is find people that you know who fit that description and ask them how you can improve your work to make it more interesting to them.

That way people you want to read your blog will most likely be engaged by your work.

4) Writing content that reader’s don’t want

This one was tough for me because I have so many ideas! I love writing and I do it for pleasure. When I first started off blogging, I just wrote whatever I wanted without an audience in mind. I wrote random posts about my life and thought people would be interested. They were not. 

Years later, I finally found the niche that I was looking for – self improvement. I really wanted to help people build the life that they wanted. This was a topic that many people are interested in. It was a topic that I knew I could write a lot about because I spent a lot of time thinking about it.

I was a girl who was actively working on making myself better. There were challenges that I was facing and fears that I am still conquering. I wanted to share my experiences and how to do this with people and hopefully help them do the same. There was an audience of people out there who wanted to better themselves but didn’t know how.

5) Not Promoting your content enough

Like I mentioned earlier, I really thought that if I wrote it, the reader would just come. Who was I kidding? After maturing a little, and doing some in depth research from some of the top bloggers out there – I realize how important promoting your blog is.

Even if you have written the most earth shattering content, how are people supposed to find it? You have to share your content to the world through social media and through good search engine optimization. By doing so your readers will find you. The more time you invest in sharing your content, the more people will read. The more people read, the more they will potentially share to their network.

You should spend as much time (if not more time) sharing and promoting your content as you do writing. If your content is as amazing as you think it is, they will keep coming back for more!

6) Not self-hosting

For those of you who do not know what self-hosting is, start by reading this. If you are too lazy to read it, self-hosting is essentially completely running your blog. You will pay a hosting company (I use Lithium Hosting) to “host” or to store all of the content of your blog. Lithium Hosting already has bogging software that you can install on your site, like WordPress, in one click.

Self-hosting your blog is the best thing that you can do for it. This way you can put ads on your blog to make money from it. By self-hosting your blog you have full rein over what goes on it and how you can manipulate it.

Many bloggers first start off by using a free site like WordPress.com. This is fine if you just want to have a blog for fun. If you really want to make money off of the blog, you need to self host. Blogs on WordPress.com are not search engine friendly. Search engines like google do not actively put pages from wordpress.com as top hits on their site.

By Self-hosting you can still use wordpress as your main platform or software for your blog. If this sounds interesting, you can get a free 30 day trail of Lithium hosting by clicking here.

7) thinking Blogging is really easy

It is not. Blogging itself is easy but making it a success is probably one of the hardest things that you will probably do. Unless you are blogging for fun, it takes a lot of hard work, time, blood, sweat and tears to turn your blog into a business. But even though it is hard that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Now that you know it is not easy, you are already have a powerful head start and mindset from those who have no idea. All you need to do to start is build an infrastructure and make a plan. Learn how to do that by reading this article.


You are going to make mistakes! You may even make mistakes that I have already outlined in this post but that’s okay. As long as you learn from them and keep going. Do not let mistakes, missed goals, low readership, and small profits stop you from blogging. You can tweak your process and find what works for you.

Slowly, or maybe even quickly you will be able to make your blog a success!

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  • Great list. I’d like to add one! ‘You write in block paragraphs and don’t reformat your post to emphasise certain messages’.

    It’s true that people reading a post/article will skip through to find key messages. Why not make their life easier (and allow them to read efficiently) by making words bold, italic, using bullet points, increasing text font, in order to allow key points to emerge.

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