Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Gains

To eat the donut or not to eat the donut? I know that I have be bikini clad in a month but that sugary sweetness is making my mouth water. Do I give up this amazingly beautiful donut now for a swimsuit ready body later? Or do I give in to the temptation for the delicious experience?

With goals, dreams, and general things that you want to achieve there will have to be sacrifices. These sacrifices are short term but usually have some form of instant gratification like the sugary sweetness of this donut taunting me right now.

This is why a lot of people fail or give up achieving their goals. It is a million times easier to give in to something you know you can have now than it is to give it up for something that is in the distant future. In the middle of trying to achieve your goals, it can be hard to see the finish line so why not just give in? 

Not only are the temptations all around you, it is hard and takes a lot of self-discipline not to give in. 

Instant gratification

Our society has become addicted to instant gratification. What is instant gratification? It is gratification that is instant, duh!

Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Gains

Okay, elaborating a little more on the concept it is the immediate (right here, right now) happy feeling you get when you do something pleasurable. I know I get instant gratification from eating food. The donut I talked about before would make me so happy in the present. Later when I see more fat around my belly, I will not be happy but right now I know I will be utterly happy after taking a bite.

With technology being as advanced as it is we can and do experience instant gratification all of the time. Anything we want can be ours from a click of a button. That rush you get from buying something new can be experienced anywhere and anytime you have internet. If you order using Amazon Prime, you can get even more gratification when opening that brown box after only waiting 2-days. All of this without setting foot inside of a store.

Instant gratification makes us lazy

The problem with instant gratification is that when you become used to it, you become lazy. We have gotten so used to feeling this instant gratification that we even get frustrated when we are unable to feel that gratification.

Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Gains

Who wants to feel frustrated or have to work for what they want when they do’t have to? I know I don’t. We seek to feel that easy rush of gratification and easy pleasure all of the time. Or we try to find the lazy way and quick fix to any of our problems.

Why even try to be productive when you can buy something that will be productive for you. There are millions of commercials telling you about get rich quick schemes and advertisers that claim you can lose 10 pounds in ten days.

Instead of being active or eating healthy I can have Amazon Now delivery me soda and Twizzlers to aid my unhealthy lifestyle. I will of course eat them with satisfaction because it gives me joy and instant pleasure to eat candy over healthy foods and working out.

We are allowing ourselves to get lazier and lazier because it is so easy to be lazy. Even simply being lazy is instantly gratifying, it requires no effort and feels good.

sacrifice is necessary for what you want

If you have a long term goal, you will have to sacrifice something in order to achieve it. Why do goals require short term sacrifices? It is because there is something you are doing too much of (i.e. eating donuts) or not doing (i.e. exercise) that is preventing you from reaching your goal (i.e. losing weight).

Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Gains

This biggest sacrifice people typically have to make is their time. How do you spend and prioritize the most precious resource that you have?

Time and I do not get along. On one hand I want to spend time with my friends, watch some Netflix, lay around, and just spend my time on me. I know that I have to be willing to sacrifice the amount of “fun/lazy/me time” for the sake of my blog becoming successful.

When people become parents they are sacrificing time for themselves. They want their kids to turn into happy, healthy people, who are self sufficient. In order to do that they sacrifice focus on their lives for their children. Instead of vacations to Italy or overseas, they go to Disney World. Instead of watching the new action movie, they watch animated children’s movies.

You have to change and sacrifice some aspect of your lifestyle right now in order for it to change into the way that you want it to be.

Self Discipline

Learning to program your brain to give up the short term fulfillment and instant gratification will build up your self discipline. It’s not going to be built in a day. Do not worry if you do not have any because it can be built. Take your time and start with something small like not eating that yummy donut.

Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Gains

The more you resist the easier it will become to resist. Not only will you find it easier to resist that small temptation you couldn’t give up before but it will slowly become easier to resist all temptations that come in your way.

With this newly built self-discipline you will be able to achieve your goal faster and faster.

All for your long term goals

Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Gains

Keep your goal on your mind. Remind yourself of your goals throughout the day. Think about ways that you can get to that goal faster. If you have the goal on your mind, it will be easier to remember to put down that doughnut for that beach body or to not go to a party because you have to study.

Remind yourself why you want it. Along with keeping your goal in mind, also keep reminding yourself why you start. There has to be a reason why you want to achieve your goal. If you keep thinking about that, it’s hard not to keep going. If you’ve tried this time and time again, don’t forget how far you have come. Most people only look forward and see how much further they have to go. If you look back and see your growth it’s easier to not stop. You do not want to have to start from square one again.

It’s worth the sacrifice. Give up the little things now for the big things later. You will not regret it.

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