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Thinking About Giving Up on a Goal? Consider These Questions First

There comes a time for everyone, in the middle of reaching their goal, when they feel like giving up. The struggle is real. The stress can be overwhelming. A lot of self doubt plagues your mind. You are drained and have no energy. It has been a long time and you feel like you haven’t made any progress.

The relief you know you will feel after you quit is taunting you. You can picture yourself relaxing; feeling no more pressure. It would be so much easier to give up and you know it. But is it worth it?

Before you give up on your goal, ask yourself and think about these things first.

How many times Have you given up on this goal?

There are goals that we really want to achieve, and then there are goals that are nice thoughts but we don’t truly want. I know I really want to become a successful blogger – that is a definite goals of mine. I am the proud mother of multiple abandoned blogs but I keep coming back to it.

Then there my goal to become a master guitar player. I have bought a guitar and learned a few chords but after a week, I put it down and never played again. This goal was a nice thought at best, but I know I don’t really want it that badly. It’s just the idea of being able to whip out a guitar and start playing that makes me want to do it. I have no real passion behind it or purpose. It just seems cool.

I want you to think back to how many times you have tried to work on this goal and given up. If it has been a more than a couple of times, that means it probably is something you really want. Is it something that you think about in your free time? Is it something that you really enjoy doing? 

If you know that it’s something you want for yourself then don’t stop. You will only end up trying again. When you start again it will be all the way from square one. All of the progress you have made will be for nothing. I read a quote that once said, a year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Don’t go backwards. Better to start from where you are than square one.

how far have you gotten?

As human beings, we have a tendency to only look forward. By that I mean we only look at how much further we still have to go and are daunted by how far we are from the finish line. Or we tend to compare ourselves to people who are much further in achieving the same goal we are.

I know you’re tired and you want to give up. The completion of your goal seems way too far away and you don’t know if you can do it. You’re probably thinking, what is the use if there are already a lot of people ahead of you on the same goal?

But when you only look at how much is left in front of you or compare yourself to others, you forget to think about how much you have already accomplished. It’s only drained you of your energy because you have probably come really far.

How long have you spent on achieving your goal? Days? Months? Years? How much progress have you made? Have you not learned something? Pushed yourself further? Met new people and exciting people? At the very least, haven’t you gotten just that little bit closer to where you want to be?

Stop and take a few minutes to think about how far you have come in achieving your goal. I can guarantee that there has been some major progress made towards your goal. Think about how far you have come from square one. It is probably much further than you thought it would be.

Remember why you started

There is a reason that you want to achieve this goal. There was something in at the start what inspired you or motivated you to go after it. When you are drained or contemplating quitting it’s likely because you forgot about this reason.

Did you start because it was something that you have always dreamed? Did you started to prove all of your haters wrong? Or to prove it to yourself? What was the original purpose of starting this journey?

My best friend’s now husband used to be a complete slacker until he met her. They went on a trip to the beach and he couldn’t afford to stay at a nice hotel or go to a great meal that he wanted to take her to. Ever since that trip, he completely changed, and he found a reason to reach for greater heights. Now he works at one of the biggest auditing firms in the country and was promoted within a year.

Pinpoint why you started and always keep it in your head. Hopefully it re-sparks the drive that you had when you first started. Isn’t the reason that you started the best reason to keep going? If the reason you started not enough to keep going, you could find a another reason. Why do you want this?

Why are you really stopping?

Do you have a legitimate reason for stopping, like an ill family member or a physical disability? Or are you just lazy and tired? Or even worse, are you getting scared? Are you scared that you won’t make it so you are planning to give up now? Take some time to sit and think about the real reason you are stopping.

Maybe you need a mental break or some time to relax. There is nothing wrong with taking time off. Step away from your goal and don’t even think about it for a few days, maybe even a week or month.I learned this lesson the hard way and I know many bloggers need a little break because we get so caught up working that we forget to take time for ourselves and burn out. Everyone needs a breather. Do you really have to give up completely?

The only reasons you should quit are if you really don’t want it anymore. People’s priorities can change and that’s okay. But you have to be completely honest with yourself.

Are you really sure that there is no purpose in pursuing this goal? If you know 100% that you will not want to pursue it you shouldn’t. Use your energy on something that you do want.


It’s not a bad thing to stop, or take a break. I would even highly recommend taking a break where you don’t even stop to think about your goal. Go off and do something else you enjoy to distract yourself and come back with a fresh mind. If you think about quitting while you are stressed and burnt out, of course you are going to lean towards stopping.

After your break come back and think about these questions before you throw in the towel. If you come to realize that it is really not for you or your priorities have changed and you don’t want it anymore, then quit.

Be completely honest with yourself. You do not want to quit and then have to start all over again.

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