5 Reasons Why You Should Be More of a Minimalist

Minimalism is the new lifestyle buzzword that you have probably heard or seen. If you haven’t hears of it or are curious to know what all the buzz is about, click here for a great definition of Minimalism. I also suggest watching the Minimalism documentary on Netflix to really give you a full picture of it’s ‘magical powers.’

After adopting some of the minimalism principles, practices, and mentality into my life, I’ve seen positive changes. I kind of understand why there is so much buzz around the lifestyle. There are definitely more than 5 benefits to being more of a minimalist but these are the five that I have found to be the greatest for me.

1) Saves you money

Need I say more? Saving money is one of the biggest perks of becoming more of a minimalist.

As a person who loves to shop and find a good bargain, I can never pass up a good deal. Who doesn’t want an outfit valued at $250 retail price for only $45? I made the habit of buying these things even if I didn’t need them. This lead to a closet filled with a lot of clothes (some never worn) and a bank account that kept getting emptier.

After switching to a minimalist mentality, I learned to buy things purposefully. Meaning I wasn’t buying things because I wanted them or just because they were on sale. I have now learned to buy things because I need them or because they really give me joy. When you make the active decision to buy only those things, you will end up spending significantly less money.

I’ve seen a drastic difference in the amount of money that I move into my savings account every month.

2) Get more time back

Okay, so I know this one may sound a little strange. How can being more of a minimalist give you time back into your day? As a busy person, who jam packs her day with things on her never ending to-do list, I didn’t think it was possible to have more time.

When living with a more minimalist mindset, I found that I have less option. With less options comes less time spent debating on what to wear, what to use, and what to buy. It may only say you 10 minutes here or 2 minutes there but that adds up to a lot of time. In the morning, I now have 15 more minutes to sit and have a cup of coffee, plan my day, meditate, or make my lunch because I didn’t waste time picking out an outfit or jewelry.

It also means less time spent cleaning. At the beginning of the year, I did a full purge of my room, closet and bathroom at the beginning of the year. I filled two trash bags full of junk and two bags full of donations. For me, less stuff has meant less time I have spent shoving things I don’t use into drawers.  I now only spend about 5 or 6 minutes daily cleaning.

3) Helps the environment

This one is pretty straight forward. The less you consuming or buy the less waste you will produce. Many of the things that we buy we end up throwing away because we didn’t really need or want them.

The latest version of technology, fashion, cars, everything are getting updated too quickly. We end up get rid of the old versions of things that are ‘obsolete’ or not in trend but still usable. Even those caring people who donate their unwanted goods to charities don’t realize that 80% of those things will still end up in a land fill.

Also, the smaller your home or living area, the less energy you end up using, the less pollution you produce. The less expensive or sporty you car is the less of a carob footprint you will leave and less gas you will guzzle (this will also save you money, see #1).

4) Changes your mindset for the better

Hand in hand with more happiness (coming up next) being more Minimalist changes your mindset. You slowly take more notice of the choices you are making and start to live life with more purpose.

I know that now, whenever I buy something, it is because I really need it or it makes me truly happy. By only buying those specific things, I don’t feel like I need the latest and greatest. I don’t feel like I’m falling behind the rest of my friends because I don’t have it. You learn to appreciate the small amount of things that you do have because you really need them and really wanted them. And not just bought them to keep up with the rest of the world.

Once you start to live more purposefully and intentionally with material items, you start to do it in all other aspects of your life. This will lead to you being more productive, focusing and achieving your goals, and just enjoying life because you’re not wasting it. When you start to do thing with more intention, not mindlessly, you instantly feel less burdened. Your mind is put at ease because it’s not constantly wanting.


It is proven by science and by a lot of people living this lifestyle that minimalism makes you happier. We live in a world that exposes us to things and the latest and greatest all day long. It makes us believe that we need things to make us happy.

When if you sit down and think about it, what really makes you happy? For me, the little things make me happy – sunsets, comedy shows, when my sports team wins a game, and my friends. None of those things require money or are goods to be bought. Yet society has programmed us to believe that we need all of this useless stuff to be happy.

There is something about giving up materialism and this need for more things that makes us all enjoy life. I have definitely noticed a change in my overall mood now that I’m trying to be more of a minimalist. All of the benefits combined have made me a happier person overall. Who wouldn’t be happier being content with what they have and only what they need?

Those are the 5 benefits that I have seen in my life from being more of a minimalist. It is not as easy as it seems but if you commit to it minimalism, even in small ways, we can really see a huge impact on your life.

What other benefits have you seen from adopting a minimalist lifestyle? Leave some benefits or any questions you have for me in the comments below!

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