Stop Caring What Other People Think – Why & How to

There will be someone out there who thinks you are weird. As normal as we all believe we are, there will be someone somewhere in the world that thinks our version of ‘normal’ is not normal at all.

So, if someone out there is going to think we’re weird, stupid, silly, uncool, absurd, disgusting, random, etc. Why should you care about the negative things people think about you?

In this article, I’ll show you why you should stop caring about what people think and how to stop caring.


“That’s so awkward, why would you do that?” he said to me confused – laughing at me and not with me. “It’s not awkward,” I replied “I’m just curious.” Live a little! I thought to myself while wanting to scream it at him.

Even though this guy (who I had just met) called the situation awkward he was actually referring to me. I was the awkward thing. He said this because I wanted to yell down to a group of teenagers and ask why they were all wearing matching polo shirts.

Was this awkward? To me, someone who doesn’t mind speaking to strangers or yelling at them from the top deck of a bar, no it’s not awkward. It’s not even weird, it’s just curiosity getting the better of me.

He called me awkward as if I had a tattoo on my forehead reading “socially inept.” People wear the same uniform for a reason, so they can match and stick out to a crowd. They are basically asking to be noticed.

And I wanted to be the one doing the asking.

I should not have cared what people thought about physical abuse and just punched him. Just kidding?

This guy calling it awkward had the power to make me question myself. Am I awkward? Was it awkward? Am I weird? Is there something wrong with me for wanting to ask?

At first I let these thoughts get the better of me. Maybe I should tone myself down a little? Maybe I shouldn’t be so obnoxious with strangers I have never met?

Then I thought, screw that.

After I concluded his thoughts about me were total BS, I did what any normal human would do. I got mad. More than mad actually, I was in a rage. Of course I’m not weird or awkward. This guy is just has a stick up his butt and doesn’t know how to live a little. He is just mean and an idiot for thinking it’s awkward.

After I calmed down and thought about the situation, it wasn’t his fault or mine. We are just different.


“what are you doing?”

I’m sure this isn’t the only situation where someone thought I was awkward or weird. There are plenty of things that I have done that people have found what they would politely call ‘interesting’. 

And if I look at it in the opposite perspective, there are things that other people do (which they probably find perfectly normal) that I think are weird.

I had a friend in college who loved to buy a specific brand of cotton balls. I personally think that the brand of cotton ball or where you buy cotton balls doesn’t matter. They are just cotton balls.

If my friend does not have these specific cotton balls she gets anxiety. This led to her compulsive need to buy a new supply, in bulk, every month even if she hasn’t run out. I think this is the most bizarre habit I’ve ever heard of. To her and her husband this is totally normal – it’s not weird at all. 

It’s the same thing with people of differing cultures. There are different dishes that I think are weird to eat. People around the world think that animal brains are a rare delicacy. I will definitely pass if I were ever offered some.

There are so many people out there and we are all unique and different. We have gone through different life experience, live in completely different circumstances that have shaped our perspectives in unique ways. All those differences will make us think other people, who are not like us, are weird. And you know what? they will think the same thing about us.


Now that you know someone will always think you are weird. Why care? I’m sure there are people out there who love you for who you are. I have a group a of friends who like me, my ‘weirdness,’ and ‘awkwardness.’ All of it.

If you have the support, compassion, and empathy from the people you love and love you, you don’t need to care about other people’s thoughts. You don’t need other people’s positive or negative thoughts as personal validation. 

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”

Honestly, knowing that someone will find me weird no matter what gives me comfort. I know it may scare you because you’re afraid to be judged but don’t be afraid. It is inevitable. Since you can’t stop it, what should you do?

You accept it and move on with your kick-ass self. Use it as your excuse to be completely yourself. 

At the end of the day, these negative things people think and judgement people have about you are just thoughts. Thoughts are just words swimming around in people’s heads. It can only affect you if you let it. 

The more concerned you are with what other people think, the more you could be holding yourself back from the things you want to be doing. It could be as small as stopping yourself from asking people why they are wearing the same outfit, to something as big as going after a dream career.

You will box yourself into what you think you should be and how you think you should act based on other people’s thoughts. 

Trust me when I say you will be much happier letting go and being yourself than having to watch what you do all the time. This will make you scared to take risks and do what you want. 


Focus on yourself and set goals. If you have goals that you want to achieve, you will not care about other people’s thoughts because you have too much to do. Everything else will feel so small and petty in the face of where you want your life to go. This growth will lead you to more happiness, confidence, and lessons about yourself.

Love yourself and make sure to practice self-love everyday. The more you love yourself, the more you will be comfortable in your own skin. This will lead you to embracing your ‘weirdness’. It is a part of who you are. This self-love will also give you confidence to change if you find you do not like a certain aspect of yourself.

The more you focus and take care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotional, the less you will care about what other people think. You will become immune to their thoughts.

You will even stop noticing the judgement of those around you. The more you practice this the more free you will feel to just be yourself.


I know these how-to’s are a little cliche, but haven’t you heard them time and time again because they always prove to be true? Test them out and see how it goes.

Remember someone will always think you are weird. You should use that fact as a free pass to be yourself. Thoughts are just thoughts, they are going to have little to absolutely no effect on your life. It can not affect you as much as you let them.

Don’t let them have any power over you! Go on with your weird self! 

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